Elise Graves Pussy Whipped In Bondage

Watch Elise shocked and whipped to orgasm

Elise Graves is tied down using bars in a doggy style position with metal bars with electricity running through them keeps her from moving at all. She starts off by getting her pussy whipped and every movement brings more pain. She is ass whipped then as more jolts go thrugh her.

A large asshook is inserted and a vibrator on her pussy makes her cum which makes her squirm which sends shocks through her body leaving her in more pain. Once she has had enough they put her in suspension bondage and rubber band her feet before using a stick dildo on her.

Nipple clamps are attached then tied to the floor to stop her moving as she is dildo fucked to orgasm after orgasm. She is then threatened with a cattle prod unless she can pull the clamps off. She is tied upside down and has her ass caned before he canes her tits. She is vibrated to orgasm after orgasm. You can see Elise in extreme bondage at Device Bondage.

Asphyxia Noir In Pipe Bondage

Watch Asphyxia get her pussy tortured

Asphyxia Noir starts off this session tied to a ladder facing the floor and has her tits kneed while her feet are caned. She has her ass caned then a stick dildo forced in her pussy. With the dildo inside her an hitachi is held on her clit and she has her ass spanked. Next up she has her thong pulled in a wedgie and her ass paddled.

She has her thong cut off her and rammed in her mouth behind her gag while being dildo fucked then is released and tied in suspension bondage sitting down with her ass hanging through the bars. A ballgag taped in place keeps her quiet as she has her ass whipped. She is lowered down till her ass is sat on spikes then they put her ass and pussy into a bowl of ice.

Nipple clamps stetch her tits before having her tits whipped. She is tied arched backward next while wearing a gas mask and pegs placed all over her body and attached with string. They punch her pussy as they rip the zipper off and cut off her oxygen supply as she cums from the Hitachi. You can see Asphyxia Noir take bdsm sex and getting pussy punched at Device Bondage.

Bryn Blayne In Live Bondage

Watch Bryn take forced orgasms live

This is the third part of Bryn Blaynes live show in bondage where they get to do anything they want to her. At the start of this scene is is strapped to a metal frame with leather belts and her legs spread open. She has a dildo in her pussy, an hitachi on her clit and her keeps shocking her clit with a cattle prod.

After that pegs are placed on her tits then all over her body. She has to be gagged to shut her up before being tickled. A buttplug is inserted in her ass then she is fucked with a stick dildo and an hitachi used on her clit as she has one forced orgasm after another.

The pegs are removed leaving marks all over her before being tied standing up with the dildo and hitachi bringing more orgasms until she has a puddle under her. The frame is lifted leaving her in suspension bondage as the cum from more painful orgasms drips to the floor. You can see Bryn have forced multiple orgasms at Device Bondage.

Sarah Blake takes forced multiple orgasms


Watch Claire Adams give an ass caning

It’s been 6 years since the last time Sarah Blake was here so the guys sent Claire Adams in to see if she still had what it takes. She is tied and gagged standing spreadeagled with her dress pulled over her head so she can’t see anything while Claire spanks her pussy. Once warmed up she moves on to whip her pussy hard.

The dress is lowered so chopstick clamps on her nipples can give extra pain. An Hitachi is placed between her legs and her ass is spanked as she goes through a few orgasms before changing positions to be tied down with her ass in the air. Her ass is whipped hard and fast with two whips used together then nipple clamps attached by string to her toes are used.

She is fingered and fucked with a stick dildo through more orgasms then tied sitting with her tits tied and whipped with a single tailed whip. Her ass is paddled and the single tail used to whip her pussy before more forced orgasm using the Hitachi. The Hitachi is placed on a mechanical arm and left on her clit for ages through orgasm after painful orgasm before they finish. You can see Sarah in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Coral Aorta Denied Orgasm In Bondage

Watch Coral stuck in extreme restraints

Coral Aorta was picked for this shoot to test how long they could keep orgasm denial going when the girl couldn’t move. Coral is known for being easy to make cum so they thought she would be the perfect choice. She starts off tied lying down on a cross with her arms behind her and legs spread in the air leaving her pussy wide open. Pegs up and down her legs keep her in constant pain as she has her tits whipped shortly followed by a pussy whipping.

An Hitachi is held on her clit as she is fingered near to orgasm then she is made to hold it as she continues fingering her while taking the pegs off one at a time. By the time the last peg is off she is begging to finish but denied orgasm. Next a suciton tube is used on her clit as she is tied with her arms and legs in the air leaving her wide open again. Her feet are caned shortly followed by having her pussy caned so hard that the tube falls off her clit.

A buttplug is inserted and she is fucked with a dildo on a stick while the Hitachi is held on her clit and within seconds she is begging to be allowed to cum. Even the ballgag can’t keep her quiet so she is moved to a type of swing that she sits on while having her ass whipped. They use nipple stretchers on her while whipping her pussy then the stick dildo is used again with the Hitachi. She is fucked to the edge of orgasm once more before they release her. You can see Coral in tight bondage and orgasm denial at Device Bondage.

Bailey Blue Takes Her Forced Orgasms


Watch Claire Adams make Bailey suffer

Bailey is tied up wearing a corset with her back arched then canes her tits. An ass hook is fitted and attached to her pony tail keeping her arched back as far as she can go, nipple clamps attached and her ass spanked. An Hitachi on her clit and being fingered before having her tits whipped and ass slapped soon has her ready to orgasm.

Pussy slapping is followed by being tied on her back and having a pinwheel run over her clit. Claire punches her pussy then fingers her some more before using the pinwheel on her nipples then adding nipple clamps. Next she is tied sitting up, hunched over with nipple clamps attached to pussy clamps linked with string. If she bends back she rips one of them off.

She is tickled and whipped trying to make her yank them off before using 2 stick dildos, one for her pussy, one for her ass. More pussy punching, tit whipping and spanking follows before having her ass paddled. Lastly she is ass fucked until she cums over and over again. You can see Bailey Blue suffer in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Mia Lelani Fucked In Extreme Bondage

Watch Mia machine fucked straight up

Mia Lelani starts off her first scene on her knees in chains with an inventive funnel gag stretching her mouth as she is caned. He canes her tits and legs then because she is so loud he shows her panties in the funnel to keep her quiet as he uses the Hitachi on her clit. He slaps her pussy so hard that not even the panties can keep her quiet but she is made to take all the slaps before being moved onto a stool of spikes, sitting down with her head in a stock and her legs crossed leaving her ass nice and tight.

He whips her ass then uses a crop on her legs before going back to the Hitachi on her clit. Her toes attached to the stocks means she can’t put her legs down as she is fisted with the Hitachi still on her clit until she cums then she is made to lick the fingers clean. The Hitachi is used for one more orgasm before she is moved for the last time. Her legs spread in the splits and attached to bars in mid air with her tits tied in leather a fucking machine is placed below her and inserted into her pussy.

A hood and a dental gag are used as he canes the soles of her feet before the machines starts up running at full speed from the off. Nipple clamps are used then string tied from them to her toes before he uses the Hitachi as well as she is being fucked so fast her bound tits are bouncing. She goes through orgasm after orgasm until she is crying and begging for him to stop. You can see Mia Lelani machine fucked in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Rain DeGrey Tested For Amount Of Orgasms She Can Have

Click here to see Rain forced to orgasm over and over.

Rain has always said she is happy to have forced multiple orgasms and that she has no limit so we decided to test it out. To make sure she can’t back out she is tied in custom bondage with her head and hands in a box and her legs up high in stocks leaving her pussy exposed. With her head in a box she can’t hear or see what’s coming which makes it more intense and she is brought to a few orgasms from a vibrator. Fingers in her ass bring a few more screaming orgasm before a fucking machine called Omega gets it turn. As well as being the fastest fucking machine around it vibrates and at full speed can even cause clitoral orgasms. It’s turned up to full speed and if you want to count how many of these intense orgasms they squeeze out of her before the screams can be heard inside the box then got to Device Bondage and watch the bondage videos of it.

Two Girls In Sybian Orgasm Pain

2 girls suffer forced multiple orgasms

This is the recorded final segment of a Live show that was available to people in November. This scene included Payton Bell and Chloe Camilla in one of the most serious predicaments on on this show. They are placed on a Sybian each facing each other then a double sided gag locks their mouths together.

As well as that they both have nipple clamps on attached to each other by chain then the Sybians are raised so their feet are off the ground. They go through orgasm after painful orgasm with neither being able to move without pulling hard on both pairs of nipples and even screaming is out because of the gags.

They had both agreed to a 45 minute session with no stopping so they just had to suffer brutal orgasms til the time was up. Weights were added to the nipple chains pulling them closer and as each shook from their violent orgasms they tortured the other. You can see Payton Bell and Chloe Camilla suffer forced multiple orgasms at Device Bondage.

Delilah Knight Ass Whipped In Bondage

Watch Delilah get ass whipped here

Delilah is strapped down in a bent over position in extreme bondage leaving her ass high in the air so they could do anything they wanted to it. They start off by flogging her ass till it’s red then they cane her pussy. An ass spanking follows with a few hard pussy slaps to get her red and wet.

She has her ass whipped some more before a large buttplug is inserted and she if flipped over and tied on her back. Ice is used on different parts of her body to bring another orgasm which is so intense the buttplug pops out. The punishment is a hard ass caning before she is transferred over.

She is placed sat don on hard wooden spikes and forced to more brutal orgasms. When she has had enough she is bound hanging her her ankles and wrists with her ass tight. You can see all the red marks where the spikes have almost broken the skin and she has her tender ass whipped hard. Full strokes pussy whipping followed before being fingered to another painful orgasm then a vibrator is dangled down to rest on her pussy teasing her to a last very painful orgasm. You can see Delilah ass whipped at Device Bondage.