Tia Ling Has So Many Forced Orgasms She Cries

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Tia Ling has admitted before that she has no control over her orgasms at all and the more intense orgasms she has the more painful they become. She has also said she needs time between them has her sensitive clit can become so sore that she can cry. In this scene she is put into extreme restraints, her arms tied high with device bondage and her legs tied in the splits leaving her pussy wide open. She has her mouth clamped open and her tits bound between two bars with tight nipple clamps on her tits. She has her pussy fisted then is impaled on a dildo with a vibrator attached to her clit while her feet are caned. She has so many painful orgasms that I lost count but you can see the come squirt everywhere including back up her body. Watch this and other bondage videos at Device Bondage.

Milf Alia Janine Has Her Huge Tits In Device Bondage

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Alia Janine has huge natural tits, 34FF to be exact and since she has now realised how much fun extreme bondage can be they are always as easy target. Her tits are tied seperately with big elastic bands and then forced together with another tie pressing them together. She is then put into device bondage laying back over a barrel with her legs bound open and her arms above her head. While her tits turn purple they flog her pussy leaving it red till they get an orgasm from her. As her tits throb harder and harder she is made to have more and more forced orgasms. You can see the pain on her face as the bands are removed and the blood rushes back to her lovely tits. Watch this scene here at Devicebondage.com or buy single bdsm videos from Kink On Demand.

How Long Can Kate Summers Control Her Orgasms?

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This is part 3 of 4 of the live bdsm Mondays with Isis Love, Katie Summers and Seda. In this show Seda is tied to a wall using bars impaled on a dildo with a vibrator on her clit. Katie is chained to the floor spreadeagled with one condition, don’t come. Seda has two zippers each with 25 heavy clothespins attached to either side of her body and running up her tits to a final clothespin on her nipple. Seda is told that every time Katie has a forced orgasm a zipper will be ripped off. Seda isn’t that bothered the first time Katie is forced to orgasm as she is in the middle on an intense orgasm herself but once the zipper is ripped off you can hear her scream. After that she is begging and pleading with Katie not to have another one. Katie holds out well, even for the deep pussy fisting she gets so Isis takes over with a vibrator and it isn’t long before the second zipper comes off. See this great scene at Device Bondage.

Krysta Kaos Takes A Crotch Chain


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Krysta Kaos knows she’s in trouble in this scene when they tell her she’s doing two babk to back ones. She starts off standing tied with her arms outstretched with a crotch chain rubbing her pussy before being hoisted up. Her ankles are chained to the floor so the crotch chain rubs her pussy furiously as she sways.

Her ass is whipped then he moves to her front to whip her tits before raising her higher. She has an Hitachi held on her clit through a few forced orgasms then is put into her second position. Bent backwards over a beam of wood her pussy is open and exposed as he whips her pussy hard.

Tit whipping with a single tail has her screaming before he fingers her to more orgasms then moves her so she sits on fucking machine Omega. Mousetraps on her nipples make them sensitive before he runs a pinwheel over them then moves lower, running the pinwheel on her clit. Omega is switched on and made to go faster and faster bringing orgasm after painful orgasm from her. You can see Krysta in extreme bondage at Device Bondage.

Eden Coxxx In Hard Bondage

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Eden Coxxx is here for her first scene so was obviously a little nervous. They didn’t help her much by chaining her to a pole by her hands, neck and nipples and whipping her ass with a switch as a way to warm her up. The nipple clamps are removed before having her ass whipped hard.

She is fucked with a dildo on a stick before changing position to be tied laid on her belly with her arms out straight behind her with a dildo in her pussy and an Hitachi on her clit. Her feet are banded and her ass caned as she is forced through orgasm after orgasm.

She is lastly tied upside down with her legs spread and a Sybian upside down resting on her pussy. She has her tits caned as the Sybian rips painful orgasms from her. She finally has her tits whipped as she screams from her sensitive clit as even more orgasms are forced from her. You can see Eden vibrated to orgasms at Device Bondage.

Tiny Annabelle Lee Has Too Many Painful Orgasms

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This is Annabelles second visit to Device Bondage though the first was way back. She thought she would be ready this time and there were three scenes planned but after the second she refused to do any more saying her pussy was hurting too much. She was put into extreme restraints, bent over backwards with her legs open bound with metals bars. Pegs on her nipples attached to the bars cause her tit torture while a zipper is attached to her body which gets ripped off during a very intense orgasm. A fucking machine was inserted into her pussy and turned up to full speed to bring her to way too many painful orgasms. After that she can barely move and begs to be released, watch all of this scene at Devicebondage.com.

Lorelei Lee Has Forced Anal In Extreme Bondage

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Lorelei Lee is a very flexible girl as you can see from these bondage pictures. She is bent with her legs over her arms and both attached through the same ring hole in the floor. These extreme restraints leave her ass and pussy in the air and with no way for her to move this is very painful bondage. A bar is placed across the middle which she is gagged with before her ass torture begins. They start by fingering her ass to loosen her up then they stick a dildo in her ass. After that a curly buttplug is used then they cane her ass. Once it is red and sore they continue by whipping her ass and using a vibrator on her pussy for some intense orgasms. At one point her orgasm is made even louder as they spank her ass to each moan. Go to Device Bondage for bondage videos of this stunner.

Trina Michaels Bound For An Ass Caning

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Trina Michaels has huge tits that the guys from Device Bondage just can’t leave alone. She is tied in custom bondage with pipes holding her hands to the floor and her legs in stocks above her head leaving her ass and pussy exposed. Her feet are caned and her tits tied so tight they turn a browny colour. Her ass is caned and then she has her ass fingered as a pussy vibrates her clit till she comes. A dildo on a stick is shoved in her pussy with a vibrator attached to her already sensitive clit and is left there way after she has another painful orgasm. Another stick dildo in her ass makes for a nice double penetration as she screams from more intense orgasms and her tit torture. You can see a free trailer of this scene at Devicebondage.com.

Darling Gets Her Pussy Burnt By Fucking Machine

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Darling has one major problem, she comes too easily and after the first one they come minutes apart and get more painful each time. To see how many of these brutal orgasms she can take she is bound to the wall on her feet with her head down between her legs leaving her ass exposed for torture. Her tits are already tied so tight they’re purple when they cane her ass before caning her tits leaving red marks over the purple. She has her first orgasm within minutes from a pussy whipping and in her position she squirts come in her own face. Omega, a fucking machine is inserted and set on high with a vibrator on her sensitive clit and she has had another 3 orgasms within 10 minutes. When her screaming gets so loud they can hardly hear they turn the machine up to full speed and sit back to watch even more intense orgams and only stop when they think she’s going to pass out. This is the most forced orgasms you’re likely to see in one scene and can be found at Device Bondage.

Alia Janine Has Her Big Tits Tortured

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Alia Janine has come to Device Bondage for her very first bdsm bondage scene. The guys are amazed and very happy to see her huge natural tits, all 34FF of them and know they can get to work on them. They use metals bars to trap her kneeling down then pull her tits between two bars and tighten it down trapping her massive tits tight. These bars squeeze her tits till they turn purple then nipple clamps are used. A stocking is placed over her head and held on with tape across her mouth and eyes to blindfold her. She is impaled on a large dildo with a vibrator attached to bring orgasm after orgasm from her. Welcome to extreme bondage Alia. You can watch her debut here at Devicebondage.com.