Ariel X Has Forced Multiple Orgasms


Watch Ariel X in extreme bondage

Ariel X starts off this shoot naked and tied lying down with her hands over her head. A strap over her chest and one over her waist keep her still as she is vibrated and fingered to the first of many forced orgasms. Nipple clamps are attached to a spreader bar to stretch her nipples and more clamps are attached to her pussy and tongue.

Ariel is fucked with a stick dildo while an Hitachi is held on her clit through many orgasms before she is tied standing up with her legs spread. Her nipples are pinched red and ass spanked before she is hoisted up. A cattle prod has her jumping around before he uses the stick dildo in her ass for more orgasms.

In a straight jacket next with an electro dildo in her pussy he sets it up high to shock her pussy. An Hitachi on her clit brings her more orgasms making her wetter so the shock hurts more. After that she is released from the jacket but made to hold the Hiatchi on herself before being allowed to remove the nipple clamps. You can see Ariel X taking pleasure and pain at Device Bondage.

Juliette In Extreme Restraints Coming Over And Over

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This was a first for us, nobody had ever asked for more during a scene as we were going to let them go, thats how bad this girl really is. She wanted forced multiple orgasms and we gave them to her, just not enough apparently. We tied her in chains in suspension bondage and put nipple clamps on her for some real bondage pain.

Her ass was spanked hard before she was fingered to orgasm then weights were added to the nipple clamps. Her feet were caned and the weights hit making her nipples pull hard before a vibrator was used to get come dripping down her waist. She was fingered again so hard that the clamps broke off and as she finished this orgasm she was going to be let down but she refused.

Being told you aren’t doing enough was too new for us so we made sure to give her a few more orgasms than she was ready for before being let down. The screaming and words she used let us know she won’t ask for more next time. See this crazy girl in extreme bondage at Device bondage.

Beretta James Live On A Sybian

Watch Beretta have forced multiple orgasms

Beretta James has been doing the live October show for Device Bondage. This is the recording for the 4th and final part where she starts off tied to a wall using metal bars and tied down on top of a Sybian. A funnel gag is used and her tits are left hanging over one of the metal bars.

Heavy weights are added to her nipples pulling them down then heavy weights on her pussy lips pull her sensitive clit onto the Sybian. Her tits are caned then after a little screaming he whips her tits.More weights are added to her pussy then he pulls back her skin to uncover the clit and press it directly onto the Sybian as she goes through painful orgasm after orgasm.

The nipple weights are removed so he can squeeze her sore nipples but more weight is added to her pussy spreading her lips wide as the brutal orgasms continue. He canes her abdomen to make her wiggle causing the weights to pull harder till she is nearly in tears. You can see Beretta have too many orgasms at Device Bondage.

Lylith Lavey In Extreme Bondage For Forced Multiple Orgasms

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Lylith Lavey is placed in some extreme restraints face down using bars to hold her arms to the floor. Her back is arched up and locked into bars leaving her pussy and ass easy to get at.Elastic bands on her feet are twanged to give her a taste of the pain to come then a fucking machine, Alpha is placed behind her with a large dildo inserted into her pussy.

She is machine fucked to orgasm after orgasm while a vibrator is pressed against her sensitive clit then she has her ass whipped to give her a break. After a few minutes of that though they get bored and switch Alpha back on again to force more orgasms from her as the bands are twanged again.

She doesn’t know which is hurting the most, the bands or her sensitive clit in this scene from Device Bondage.

Adrianna Nicole Has Bdsm Sex And Torture

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Adrianna Nicole has massive tits just waiting to be abused. She is tied up in tight bondage using metal bars as extreme restraints and her clothes cut from her. A spider gag is fitted and weighted nipple clamps drag her huge tits even lower while a vibrator pulls her first forced orgasm from her. Elastic bands are twanged on her feet as she is caned all over. A vibrator is used on her sensitive clit as she is fingered to even more orgasms before they allow her to rest. Device Bondage has this stunner and other bondage videos.

Princess Donna In Extreme Restraints Gets Forced Orgasms

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Princess Donna is so used to being a dom she had to find out how good a sub she would be. James Deen and Isis Love push her to her limits. She is stripped to have her ass whipped then mounted on the sybian. While on there she has her ankles tied low using metal bars so she can’t move an inch as the sybian brings painful orgasms from her. She has weighted nipple clamps attached which only get removed for her to have her tits whipped as another intense orgasms is brought from her. A zipper is attached then ripped off as yet another of her forced multiple orgasms arrives. You’ll have to watch this edit of a live show to count how many orgasms she has, see it at Device Bondage.

Dylan Tied In Device Bondage For An Ass Caning

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Dylan is put into extreme bondage using bars. She is held upside down with a large dildo in her pussy attached to a fucking machine called Omega. Tight nipple clamps are attached and flicked before she has her exposed ass whipped. After it’s red she has her already sore ass caned then the machine is put onto full speed. She has forced multiple orgasms while her feet are caned and her nipples tortured. See more women in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Darling Forced To Swallow Come Through A Funnel

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This has got to be the most forced orgasms on any bdsm sex scene. Both girls are put in extreme restraints, Rain is on a bench with her lower half dangling over with Darling on the floor with her head right below Rains pussy. Darling has a funnel gag fitted and every time Rain has a squirting orgasm Darling ends up drinking come. Rain is fingered with a vibrator on her clit to many painful orgasms till she eventually looks like a running tap. Darling is impaled on a dildo with a vibrator on her painful clit. She’s screaming in agony as she has so many painful orgasms and almost ends up choking on come from Rain. You can see this extreme bondage scene at

Too Much For Sarah Jane Ceylon


Watch Sarah finally fail extreme bondage

Sarah Jane Ceylon has never had to use a safe word, she really is such a tough actress but this scene was too much for anyone. She starts off bent over with the hands tied to a post as he whips her pussy and ass. He then canes her pussy leaving red marks all over it. Caning her ass until it leaves welts behind while nipple clamps hurt her tits before a buttplug is inserted.

An Hitachi on her clit brings her to orgasm after orgasm leaving her clit nice and senstitive to work on. The nipple clamps are attached by chains to her high heels so every time she straightens from orgasms she’s ripping her nipples. Tied arched backwards on her is next so he can whip her pussy before adding nipple clamps that stretch her nipples hard.

She is fingered and fucked with a stick dildo through more orgasms before being put on her knees to take a single tail whip to her sensitive nipples. He puts small pinching pegs all around her nipples and on her pussy lips and clit before whipping her body all over. She’s crying before the end and eventually has to give up. You can see Sarah suffer forced multiple orgasms in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Marie McCray Bound For Painful Orgasms

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Marie McCray has white skin which marks so easily she was due a visit to Device Bondage. She is stripped, gagged and has her nipples pinched until they get milk from them. He fingers her pussy to get her wet then lays her on the floor and ties her by her feet and nipple clamps to metal bars so any movement is painful.

He whips her ass hard leaving it red then uses a stick dildo in her pussy and an Hitachi on her clit to bring her to the first of many painful orgasms. She struggles so much she manages to pull the nipple clamps off. She is then tied sitting down with the stick dildo and Hitachi in place as he uses suction tubes on her nipples.

He ties her nipples and hangs heavy weights from them stretching her nipples inches from her body while he uses hot wax on her as the orgasms keep coming. She is tied lying on her front and caned leaving red marks on her ass then an asshook is fitted while a machine dildo pounds her pussy at incredible speed through many orgasms. You can see Marie McCray take vicious bdsm at Device Bondage.