Rain DeGrey Tested For Amount Of Orgasms She Can Have

Click here to see Rain forced to orgasm over and over.

Rain has always said she is happy to have forced multiple orgasms and that she has no limit so we decided to test it out. To make sure she can’t back out she is tied in custom bondage with her head and hands in a box and her legs up high in stocks leaving her pussy exposed. With her head in a box she can’t hear or see what’s coming which makes it more intense and she is brought to a few orgasms from a vibrator. Fingers in her ass bring a few more screaming orgasm before a fucking machine called Omega gets it turn. As well as being the fastest fucking machine around it vibrates and at full speed can even cause clitoral orgasms. It’s turned up to full speed and if you want to count how many of these intense orgasms they squeeze out of her before the screams can be heard inside the box then got to Device Bondage and watch the bondage videos of it.

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