Tacori Blu Chained In Extreme Restraints

Watch Tacori take forced multiple orgasms

Tacori Blu is a stunning MILF that starts off this scene with her arms chained to her sides. Her clothes are ripped off leaving buttons all over the floor. She has her tits whipped hard before he moves lower to whip her pussy. Her legs are kept spread by a bar and she has tight nipple clamps used as he vibrates her pussy to orgasm.

She is tied bent over then to have her ass whipped with full swings until it’s red raw then has her feet caned.

MILF Alert: She wants attention, she’s gonna get it. She is ass fucked with a stick dildo while a vibrator brings more brutal orgasms from her then her pussy is fingered to bring even more brutal orgasms. Next she has a brutal multiple pinwheel run over her sensitive pussy then he uses the pinwheel on her nipples.

She has pegs on her tips and nipples then over the insides of her legs which are ripped off as forced muliple orgasms are ripped from her with a stick dildo and vibrator. Even more orgasms are ripped from her while tied in this position till she is so sore she promises no more sex for 3 weeks. You can see Tacori have forced orgasms at Device Bondage.

Misti Dawn Takes Pussy Torture

Watch Misti in extreme bondage for torture

Misti Dawn is a pornstar in her own right but never anything like this. She is tied using metal bars with her heels over her head and has her pussy whipped at full strength. Next he slaps her pussy before digging his nails into her pussy then stretching it as wide as he can.

Elastic bands are used on her feet before a vibrator gets some orgasms from her and she has her ass caned. She is fingered and vibrated through multiple orgasms before having her tits tied tight and being chained down onto a Sybian. Nipple clamps are used and as painful orgasm is followed by an even more brutal orgasm she starts to scream.

He eventually turns it off but then uses a cattle prod on her nipples until she cries. She is tied spreadeagled with her legs in the air and icy hot rubbed on her pussy and tits. Within minutes she’s screaming which only gets louder when he adds a vibrator to get even more forced orgasms from her. You can watch Misti Dawn suffer in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Coral Aorta Denied Orgasm In Bondage

Watch Coral stuck in extreme restraints

Coral Aorta was picked for this shoot to test how long they could keep orgasm denial going when the girl couldn’t move. Coral is known for being easy to make cum so they thought she would be the perfect choice. She starts off tied lying down on a cross with her arms behind her and legs spread in the air leaving her pussy wide open. Pegs up and down her legs keep her in constant pain as she has her tits whipped shortly followed by a pussy whipping.

An Hitachi is held on her clit as she is fingered near to orgasm then she is made to hold it as she continues fingering her while taking the pegs off one at a time. By the time the last peg is off she is begging to finish but denied orgasm. Next a suciton tube is used on her clit as she is tied with her arms and legs in the air leaving her wide open again. Her feet are caned shortly followed by having her pussy caned so hard that the tube falls off her clit.

A buttplug is inserted and she is fucked with a dildo on a stick while the Hitachi is held on her clit and within seconds she is begging to be allowed to cum. Even the ballgag can’t keep her quiet so she is moved to a type of swing that she sits on while having her ass whipped. They use nipple stretchers on her while whipping her pussy then the stick dildo is used again with the Hitachi. She is fucked to the edge of orgasm once more before they release her. You can see Coral in tight bondage and orgasm denial at Device Bondage.

Bailey Blue Takes Her Forced Orgasms


Watch Claire Adams make Bailey suffer

Bailey is tied up wearing a corset with her back arched then canes her tits. An ass hook is fitted and attached to her pony tail keeping her arched back as far as she can go, nipple clamps attached and her ass spanked. An Hitachi on her clit and being fingered before having her tits whipped and ass slapped soon has her ready to orgasm.

Pussy slapping is followed by being tied on her back and having a pinwheel run over her clit. Claire punches her pussy then fingers her some more before using the pinwheel on her nipples then adding nipple clamps. Next she is tied sitting up, hunched over with nipple clamps attached to pussy clamps linked with string. If she bends back she rips one of them off.

She is tickled and whipped trying to make her yank them off before using 2 stick dildos, one for her pussy, one for her ass. More pussy punching, tit whipping and spanking follows before having her ass paddled. Lastly she is ass fucked until she cums over and over again. You can see Bailey Blue suffer in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Gia DiMarco Gets 4 Hours In Extreme Restraints

Watch Gia in hard bondage here

Gia Dimarco agreed to spend a 4 hour non stop live intense bondage session for Device Bondage. This shows the first hour and shows how tough this stunner is. She starts off stripped and facing a wall as her ass is whipped red raw before being put into a straight Jacket and hood with her legs tied together and dropped on her ass.

She is rolled over with her ass in the air to have her ass whipped before her ass is caned. They move lower then to cane her feet. A vibrator is placed between her legs and held there as she is ass spanked while having the first of many orgasms.

Pegs are placed on her tongue and she is fucked in bondage through many more orgasms. She is released for a few minutes to give her a break before being put back into extreme restraints. You can see the first hour of this stunner in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

BDSM Sex For Tati Russo

Watch Tati bound and tortured

Tati Russo is chained to the top of a box in extreme restraints with her legs spread and arched backwards. While like this she has her pussy whipped leaving red stripes then has rubber bands twanged on her feet. A vibrator brings her to the edge of orgasm then they stop but continue the BDSM sex with tight nipple clamps.

The clamps are pulled and shaken then attached by string to her big toes. While tied like this she has her ass caned before they move on to caning the bottom of her feet. The vibrator is replaced onto her sore clit bringing her to the very edge of an orgasm again.

She is begging to be allowed to come by now and she gets her wish. She has one of her most powerful orgasms then to continue the BDSM sex the vibrator is left on her very sensitive clit leaving her screaming. You can see Tati in extreme restraints at Bondage Device.

Kait Snow Takes Tit Torture In Extreme Restraints

Watch Kait getting her tits whipped

Kait Snow had been on once before and handled the cane well so they started off with similar here. She is naked and tied to a wall by ankles, wrist and neck with her back arched out in extreme restraints and a gag is fitted. She is given the option of flogger or cane and starts of by getting her tits flogged.

When that becomes too painful she chooses the cane and gets her tits caned. A vibrator is locked between her legs as her tits are slapped, fondled and eventually pegs on her nipples. She has a load of orgasms while locked in these extreme restraints as the pegs are ripped from her nipples then replaced over and over.

While the vibrator forces orgasms from her they whip her pussy and continue with the nipple torture while she is in this extreme bondage. After what seems like hours to her she is covered in drool, sweat and her own come. You can see Kait having forced multiple orgasms while in bondage at Device Bondage.

Krysta Kaos Extreme Bondage, Extreme Pain

Watch Krysta take extreme torture here

This is Kryst Kaos’ first ever scene for Device Bondage and she came into it saying she loved pain, the more the better. Who were they to not give her such a fun wish. They tied her on a spiked platform with no clothes on and her arms tied as high above her head as possible.

They whipped her tits then ass whipped her till it was red. Next they flogged her pussy till she was really red then used a vibrator on her pussy as they zapped her ass with a zapper. They moved on using the zapper on her tits then using pegs on her tits to pinch them tight.

She is pulled higher onto tiptoe then a whip used to remove the pegs as she is made to call out how many have gone. She is caned all over then a stick dildo used to force orgasms from her. The last brutal orgasm was so strong she managed to pull herself up off the mat. You can see Krysta in extreme restraints at Device Bondage.

Payton Bell Caned In Extreme Restraints

Watch Paytons forced multiple orgasms in bondage

Payton Bell came back for her last shoot and they started where they left off. She is chained down in a V frame with her legs in the air leaving her feet ready to be caned. Her ass is caned next before they bring out a rubber tube called a thwacker to whip her ass.

With her legs wide open she has her tits whipped before they move lower to whip her pussy. She is made to suck a stick dildo as a vibrator gets her wet then the dildo is inserted. The dildo and vibrator is used to force a couple of orgasms from her then she is pussy fingered to even more.

She is mouth fucked then pussy fucked till she is a slobbering mess and her pussy is so sore from so many brutal orgasms that she is crying for them to stop. Watch Payton get her ass whipped red raw and forced to orgasm at Device Bondage.

Chloe Camilla In Extreme Bondage Trying For Orgams

Watch Chloe made to work for her orgasms

This is Chloes second ever porn shoot and they made it a good one. She is tied in extreme restraints to a revolving wooden pole, her hands and feet to the sides and even her ears attached to the pole via he loop earrings. Her ass is stuck out after her clothes are cut from her and her ass whipped till it’s red.

She begs for an orgasm so they use an Hitachi vibrator to get her close then put it away. Instead of an orgasm they cane her ass, her feet and then cane her pussy. Weighted clamps are put on her pussy then dragging them down as a stick dildo is inserted so she is impaled.

They start the pole revolving them after the Hitachi is applied letting her swing wild and on each revolution the weights pull harder at her pussy lips. She can’t move her head or do anything except have orgasm after orgasm. You can see this stunning newbie suffer ass caning and forced orgasms at Device Bondage.